The Argonaut has been helping a ton of people get out of the snow. Check out what some people had to say and then visit our BUY IT AT… page to find out where you can get your own Argonaut!

Lisa H.

I bought these for my daughter for Christmas. She goes to school at the University of North Dakota, so cold weather and snow is there all winter. She laughed at them and made fun of them but when she returned to Grand Forks ND she put the “purple things” as we call them in her trunk and she got stuck and used them and it worked. So as a Mom I feel safe knowing if she gets stuck out there all by herself she can now get out.


I purchased the Argonaut tire traction runners from Costco earlier this year. They worked great and I’m interested in purchasing several other sets.


My Son bought them and he says they’re the best product he’s bought in a long time.


I just wanted to share a story with you. I purchased your Argonaut at our local Costco store. Since our last two winters in New Jersey have given us storms of 10 inches or more every time it snows!. One day going to work it was snowing a lot, about 10 inches had fallen down. I got to within 400 feet of my job and a small snow plow that was plowing the apartment complex went across the road and got stuck right in front of me and blocked the road! No one could go in any direction. All he kept on doing was trying to get himself of the snow by going back and forth to no avail. He was STUCK. So I got out of my car and told the man I had something that would get him out of the snow! THE ARGONAUT. He looked at me with it in my hands and was very doubtful that it would work, but he said ok lets try it. Putting them under the front tires and he put the plow in reverse, it was as easy as 1 2 3, he was no longer stuck. I picked them up and put them back in the car still looking like new! The plow driver said thank-you for getting him out of the snow and everyone went back to work. So I wanted to tell what a great product THE ARGONAUT is!


I’m a consumer located in central Wisconsin 53934, USA. I have had the pleasure of using 2 of these, (both worn) that were given to me from a friend whose sister purchased them. THEY WORK FANTASTIC!


I bought them at Home Hardware. They really work and I want to buy them for my wife and daughters’ car.


Used these extensively during the last snow storm to hit the Old Dominion (almost 24″). They worked as advertised and got every car un-stuck that I used them on. Best part is that they do the job, but don’t take up any room in the back of the SUV. Highly recommended.

Gerald M.

I heard they really work and in our weather.